Positive psychology, Gestalt psychotherapy and Adaptability Intelligence are the tools that have transformed thousands of lives. Using rigorous methods, large samples, and validated assessments Positive Psychology has gained new insights into happiness, resilience and performance. Positive psychology interventions are tested, theoretically grounded, and effective.

You cannot learn how to ride a bike reading about it.

You cannot manage better, warmer more collaborative relationships by watching a powerpoint.

meet Jessica

Training with a twist

Direct like a German

Thoughtful like a therapist

Fun like a clown

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a garbage man when I ´grew up´

The freedom of riding with no seatbelt, people are happy to see you take their stuff away. Instead, I became a trainer and speaker- because as I lead people through the exercises- they become free and I get to use my intuition and 15 years of working, living abroad with all types of humans to influence people to accept themselves and do more and be more.

That is even better than feeling the wind in my hair on a garbage truck. Now, I take away the garbage thoughts that limit you, and it smells better.

OUR mission

My mission is to offer thoughtful, dynamic programming that changes the mindset of the participants.

believe that we are 80/20 humans and we need to strengthen our self belief, strengthen our 80% amazingness.  and forgive ourselves for our 20% disappointing side. We need skills to develop into better societies. Emotional and social skills, authenticity and kindness will make our future brighter.


Lucky for us, there’s a community of people seeking the change we want to see in the world. We invite you to join us.