work with a therapist

 Jess is a ¨Thought Surgeon¨; an award-winning division ToastMaster; a trainer in Gestalt Psychotherapy who has taught and lived in 8 countries for 9 years. She has trained at La Caixa, Damm, Maersk, B Braun & H&M, Barcelona. Enthusiastic and direct, she helps recalibrate technical minds to flow with new ideas. 

In her free time, she teaches dating communication skills & leads workshops helping entrepreneur women accept their ugly side and live their purpose by removing thoughts that hurt.

She dreams to help people stress less- take themselves less seriously- gain self-compassion and laugh more.



Helped me see my patterns and how I need to change how I react to triggers now.


Insightful, kind and funny. A great listener.


Helped me find my limiting thoughts and be able to catch them so I can choose a better life

work with a facilitator

There is a method that helps you get Buyin much faster- so the participants engage and collaborate faster and with trust.

Adaptability Intelligence is an EQ skill which I can train to you in 3 steps- which you can immediately feel the changes in your participants.


As an Applied Improvisation Practitioner, I can lead your group to be more agile, flow and laugh as a team.




Like a TedTalk- so engaging and dynamic


The bankers loved it- she had all their attention and kept asking questions.


Best training I have ever had in Public Speaking- sort of like acting - with lots of fun and growth

work with a speaker

Voted best in Barcelona 2020, my keynotes are funny, engaging and about paticipants´ real lives.

With lightness and some tears- I bring the audience to think about their lives, decisions and self-compassion.

Speaking since age 2- winning public speaking contests since age 8 and loving the stage and the power to encourage people- I would love to be the keynote that people remember and brings your organization together. Popular topics are Adaptability Intelligence, Cultural Negotiation and Healing Chronic Pain.



That was amazing. I didn´t understand 100% but I cried. Amazing speech!


You are engaging, funny and vulnerable. Like a Brene Brown clown.


You light up the stage. You´re so brave, funny and interesting. I´m inspired.