Build adaptable teams

Keynote speaker on Adaptability IQ

Train your team to adapt and deal with change

Train your boundaries and voice

The next big idea will come from 13 stupid ideas that failed

Adapt or die.
that's what Darwin said.

he said the ¨fittest company will survive¨ (paraphrased)
We can measure AdaptIQ, then train it & then you can promote those who have agility, mental flexibility and grit.

You need more trust and feeling like you are part of something big and meaningful, right? 


If you said yes- you are probably a GenZ.

For the millenials and GenX- we want to feel like our voices are heard. I am called a Social Alchemist and I transform how your team talks. If you only got 1 hour in the agenda at your conference, then I guarantee an eyes-lit-up energy where your team applaudes understanding that their success & resilience to stress depends on how and when they adapt.