TRAINING YOU TO GET HEARD Jessica Breitenfeld, Motivational speaker

“I’m passionate about helping you find your spark – your personal communication style. I’ve introduced hundreds of individuals to the mindset that can change the way they see the world.

Teams and leading companies have tapped into their strengths and have grown their revenue. Now I’m ready to help you be heard.


People work with people they like and trust. Learn how to connect and build rapport faster using cultural differences as your advantage. Your pitch is falling flat. I can help you express the value of what you bring to market with passion so that you get results quickly.”



Overcome the blocks stopping you from Getting heard

Get your team responding better 

Have fun


Employees not engaged, wasting time and your presentations not reaching the right people? You need more collaboration & trust in your teams, right? I can train you to express the emotion that gets you the funding, the green light & the results. Awarded 4x First place in European city speech contests, and most impressively, ¨Best International Speech in Barcelona 2020¨ 






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