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Hi- I am Jessica Breitenfeld

About me

Social Alchemist

When I founded Engage, it was because I saw a problem I wanted to help solve. It was 2014, and I had just moved to Barcelona from India. Without the language- what the hell is Catalan?…I felt lost, insecure and felt unheard. I doubted my ability to be a communication trainer- although I had lived and taught in five continents. I felt insecure because when you are not seen, you are not heard, you don’t feel part of the team or culture. Not belonging hurts.

I believe that the single most important thing is for people to find their true voice so they can connect with themselves, and others around them. Whether it’s an individual struggling in their personal or professional life or whether it’s a team that is missing their spark.

Sparkless dies.

Having travelled to fifty countries- has given me a unique ability to help people connect- to engage; and be heard. I have lived in 6 contiments-eight countries from Egypt to India to Brazil and Germany- and this Cultural Intelligence has helped me understand the essence of what it means to be human;

Everyone wants to be heard, seen, and valued.

My name is Jessica and I would like your ideas to be heard.

Change is the only constant
(or some cliche like that)


Eight years and countless new connections later, Barcelona is my home. 

I’m more dedicated than ever to helping people recognize their strengths- with my experience as an AETG-certified-therapist in Gestalt Psychotherapy, I design masterclasses where participants learn how to speak to create psychological safety. As an Applied Improvisation Practitioner, I train Adaptability Quotient- LinkedIn’s number 1 future skill in 2020 and 2023. As a volunteer Hospital clown, I bring humanness and humour to every Masterclass so that you learn quickly and the training sticks


I create events with you so that people talk, so that departments trust more, so that you move as fast as change happens- withour sweating through your shirt. Without You losing your top talent, without you going grey.

On a Mission

As Vice President of Barcelona´s Women´s Network, I promise that you will be joining me on a mission. Engage is rooted in principles of helping raise the confidence of individuals, strengthening the courage of people so they feel like valuable members of something bigger and show confidence on your team with a mindset of ¨Yes, And¨ instead of ¨Yes, But¨. With an honours post-grad in Non-Profit Management, I am committed to giving a voice to those who wish to speak and creating environments where those who speak a lot learn the benefits of making their partner look good.

Ten percent of profits are dedicated to helping teach communication skills to those in developing countries through the non-profit I established called ¨Laugh¨

Your world changes when you change. So I help you change from the inside- out.

Let´s get to the guts of the problem!

Looking forward to working with you.

Jessica Has Worked With 1000s of happy clients 

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2020 Certified Therapist in Gestalt Psychotherapy by AETG: La Asociación Española de Terapia Gestalt.
Completed 3 years of 600 hours of group experiential somatic body therapy and received 80 hours of one-to-one therapy with 20 hours of supervision. Certified only in Spain.

2018-present Therapeutic Clown. Train the art of clown and have received 220 hours of clown training and work as a hospital volunteer in 3 associations in Barcelona.

2012 Matrix Energetics. Subtle Energy healing. Level 1&2
2012 Psych K. Subconscious shifting of patterns modality. Level 1.

2012 Laughter Yoga Leader, certificate

2011 Resource Management / Non-Profit Organizations, Diploma, Georgian College, Canada

2007 Applied Linguistic, Bachelor of Arts, Degree. University of Victoria, Canada.
How Language is learned.

Speaking Awards

2023 Awarded Top Female Speaker in Southern Europe.
National Champion of Public Speaking; State Champion 5x

2022 Awarded Top Female Speaker in Western Europe by Toastmasters International

Pitchathon winner 2021

Professional Speakers Association of London 2nd speaker of the year, 2021