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Transformational workshops and keynote speaker recommendations

After your session the teams felt refreshed and motivated.Thank you so much for the engaging fun. The tools for Adaptability IQ for personal wellbeing and future career development were very well revived by the teams. Jessica’s high energy and her capability to engage were really impressive.
Zhang Hong
EMEA TD Summit, R&C Training
I would like to thank Jessica for being such a wonderful mentor for our team. We had a great 2-days training on storytelling. It was one of the best trainings I’ve ever had, useful and sufficient. Thank you and look forward to attend more courses under your supervision.
Anastasia Perebeynos
Product Manager
Jessica has come to France for the fouth time- training our top talent geologists. They were very happy with the program. They gave great reviews on the exercises- like the sub-arctic team negotiation game.
Caroline RAMIER
Support Logistique Cadet Cop
Jessica knows how to be heard and how to engage from stage.
She was a really good Master of Ceremonies/presenter at Barcelona Digital Talent with over 150 young international students. She was able to motive and connect with the audience with her friendly energy and meaningful speech, in spite of the fact that the setting was not easy at all. She can help you achieve the expected impact, communicate, entertain or keep your event moving. Jessica is unique, passionate and funny. For me, the use of intelligent humour in public speaking is a difficult art. And she masters it.
Judith Romero 
Expert in International Economic Promotion of Barcelona
Jessica has a genuine passion for connecting with her audience and throughout her talk effortlessly incorporated interactive elements ensuring that everyone felt included. Beyond being a comedic maestro she imparted thought-provoking messages and takeaways seamlessly.
Guler Cortis
Director Division H, UK
I've just seen Jessica run a networking session at an international online conference. Talk about a tricky assignment! She managed to get the whole group mixing and sharing and having fun. Great job Jessica!
Lindsay Adams
MGoverner General of the Commonwealth of Australia. Past President of the Global Speakers Association.

Thank you Jessica! It was super fun; We had a great time together. Hope we see you soon. I am really recommending you.
Barcelona team
During MWC's week, I attended the BCN Fintech event and participated in a fun and fast networking activity hosted by Jessica. All attendees connected and we made meaningful connections.
Juan Carlos Ruiz Entrepreneur
Highly recommended Masterclass about cultural exchange. Great accuracy and high motivation, which spread around the CaixaBank Relationship Managers, empowering us to be aware of non verbal comm, and thus controlling messages sent.
Javier Roca
Director Banca de Empresa, Caixa
Ha sido genial. Ha habido puntos de las clases que recibí que trasladaré a mi día a día, tanto en lo personal como en lo laboral, porque sé que me serán de gran utilida.
Jesús Muro
Trade Finance Corporate Banking, Caixa
Dynamic, entertaining teacher with a great sense of humor; adaptes to participants and looks for how to complete the lesson content with relevance.
Pere Corominas
Director Centers of Excellence in Caixa Tech
Jessica possesses the rare talent of balancing creativity with logistics. While she was moderating and delivering an inspiring keynote speech at WEL ´23 Women's Entrepreneurship conference, Barcelona-she also managed the tightly scheduled program for all the speakers, ensuring a smooth flow throughout the event. Jessica will enhance your event with a blend of humor and professionalism.
Jessica Klingspor

Entrepreneur | Event Strategist & Expert  
Thank you again for working with us - it was truly a pleasure to shift and adapt in your Adaptability IQ workshop. The team enjoyed it; it was amazing! Your session really energized and opened everyone up, which was perfect to set the stage at the beginning of our sales summit in Barcelona.
Merrin Trombka
Director of Sales
Jessica is an amazing speaker and director of events. She facilitated impeccably at the Barcelona WEL '23 in October Her energy on stage, time management and networking skills. She made things look so seamless, I was able to connect with almost everyone in the room. Something I wouldn't have done by myself. Day 2 the room felt a bit cold without her presence.
Mpho Kabelo
Teacher, Public Speajer coach, Botswana
Jessica is a true professional, an exceptional speaker & a pleasure to work with. She was the host of my GLOBAL Sales Tech Festival. Her presentation skills are second to none, and she has an incredible ability to connect with her audience, making them feel comfortable and engaged. She is passionate about boosting companies towards their innovation objectives; she provides insightful and practical advice; her actionable takeaways were extremely valuable. And lots of fun!
Mario Paladini
Founder & CEO at GLOBALS, Growth Enabler | Investor
I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for all the help and support you provided during the Startup Grind Tech Summit 2023. It was amazing to see how well the games and activities you organized captivated and entertained the audience! Truly incredible! You elevated the quality of the event, and the audience was delighted with your contributions.

Jordi Bolet Castellà
Founder and Director at Startup Grind
One of the reasons behind my personal success during the EU-Startups summit last week was Jessica Breitenfeld ❤️ This woman is a power house! She was running a speed #networking sessions through out the event. She is a genius. She is capable of making a stone 🗿 coming out of its shell 🐚

I made some connections who kept introducing me to other people through out the event.
Vasily Alekseenko
Founder of The London Startup Scene
If you need either high-flying or introspective grounded energy at your event- Jessica is up to that challenge. She has given many trainings for us at ETN where she can keep the attention of your online audience for hours! She keeps it interesting, engaging and fun throughout. She combines learning and fun in a skillful manner.
Agnes Tarnai 
Head Of Unit at European Union
Jessica is an exceptional trainer and host with a magical ability to consistently engage her audience both online, offline and in hybrid settings. Just saw her remarkable performance as the host of a high-profile event where she kept the talkative audience engaged & entertained. Humor and creativity, entertaining and thought-provoking.
Kevin K.L. Cheng
Technical PreSales, tech assistant at Europeans Trainers 
I have followed Jessica's endeavors online for several years and enjoyed her presentations at groups like PSA Spain and VSAI... she brings energy and commitment to serve to everything she does.... she is a creative, funny lady who brings value to everyone she meets.... she would do so for your group. Check her out my friends.
Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey
Author and speaker
Unbridled energy, engaging storytelling and technosavvy training - put it all together and that's Jessica for you! I attended the 'Find your Niche in the Circus of Life' workshop conducted by Jessica for the European Trainers Network. At the end of the session, I walked away with clarity and lots of insights. Jessica is a speaker who understands the pulse of the audience and ensures that there is not a dull moment. Her infectious passion rubs off on the audience and she knows how to hold their attention with the right use of humour. Highly recommend Jessica Breitenfeld as a speaker and a true influencer!
Vinay Pushpakaran
President Professional Speakers Association of India, Pro Speaker
Highly recommended for corporate cross-cultural communication and negotiation skills. She coached me in English public speaking and assessed in content editing. Great eye for smooth sounding, natural English and an excellent ability to identify and correct mistakes. Communication sessions with Jessica become a deep learning experience, even funny and enjoyable. She shared her insights into cultural diversity and provided different approaches in dealing with complex organizations. A trusted communication coach.
Jessica reviewed my “elevator pitch” talk for a grant that I had to present to a committee of persons of mixed professional backgrounds. She was absolutely great. She helped structure the short talk and orient on focusing on main messages omitting obvious statements, insisted in the importance of the opening statement, AND was flexible without intending to canalise too much. Also the way she handled the discussion (young professional coaching older scientist) was just fantastic, I really enjoyed. At ISGlobal we have asked Jessica to review several of our applicants but it was the first time we worked together. She has been with us 6 years now and millions of euros in grants achieved.
Manolis Kogevinas
Scientific Director
Jessica lights a room up with her energy, enthusiasm and empathy. She is an engaging and inspiring speaker. I attended an event of hers recently at E.U Start up Summit, and I hadn’t felt so much love in one room for a long time. It was beautiful to be a part of it.
Diane Wiredu
Founder at Lion Words
I recently had the opportunity to see Jessica speak; she was clear, energetic, appropriately animated, entertaining and provided great content! She headlined on a business panel at an Applied Improvisation Network conference in BC, Canada.
I worked with Jessica on my presentation skills. She was a true help. Challenging but very supportive and hands-on. Plus, she helped me think about several aspects of life. Another plus, she is connected to so many people so when working with Jessica you are also entering a great network of professionals.
Jonas Schäfer
Global Product Line Manager