Therapy in English

Tired of listening to people talk and you just listen?

Damn self-doubt and toxic people! Unfair, right? Well, good news is that you have hope- you are searching for a way to feel good about yourself- beyond your looks. And that means it’s time to rewrite that script, toss out the awkwardness, and step into your superstar heels- or Birkenstocks & socks– (if you live in Berlin) and do the good you want to do in this world.

Are you a CIS woman who:

  • avoids dealing with conflict and doubts if your* boundaries are where they should be?
  • bites your tongue when you’ve got things to say because you don´t know if you’re valued?
  • Lets your mom talk and talk and talk?

Together, we’ll kick those trust issues to the curb, pump up your self-worth, and let your voice be heard like never before. It’s time to break free from the patterns that hold you back, enabling you to step into the remarkable woman you’re destined to become. I used to hate my body, was mad at my mom and be jealous of beautiful women.

Try this…
Imagine a life
where you no longer navigate the complexities of relationships with uncertainty, where your voice is your strongest asset, and where you confidently set the stage for healthy relationships. This is the path I invite you to embrace—a path that leads to discovering the powerful, authentic version of yourself you’ve always envisioned. It requires work- improving body language, you learn to interrupt and you add AND to your conversations where you used to just listen and nod.

It’s not talk therapy – it’s experiential evolution. Drawing upon my role as a hospital clown, I use humor, Gestalt psychotherapy, NLP, Psychological Kinesiology and EFT Tapping into the fabric of our journey. You’ll discover resilience, recognize patterns, and gain tools to navigate life’s complexities.

You will feel your emotions 😞 and move past them- without needing 12 cookies and a bottle of wine.
After 3 months- you will feel more confident, happier and will only need 7.5 cookies and a glass of low-fat wine.